– P2P earn up to 40% annually business crowd funding platform

P2B earn up to 40% annually business crowd funding platform
P2B earn up to 40% annually business crowd funding platform

Investments in the Internet attract a wide range of investment objects and offer users to invest money not only in loans, but also in projects of public interest. For example, the investment platform offers to invest in real estate, infrastructure development and start-up companies. is a crowd funding platform that targets investors with an interest in serious projects and has an investment opportunity starting at € 100. If you want to make money, keep up a modern business, and help you get some rewarding projects, might be the perfect investment platform for you!

What services does crowdestor offer? offers dual connectivity – online investment and crowd funding. Investing allows investors to earn interest, but crowd funding helps fund various projects in exchange for profits and even business stocks.

The following investment objects are available for investors on the crowdestor platform:

  • Real estate: private houses, apartment building and commercial projects;
  • Various start-up companies: technology, innovation, modern solutions for everyday use;
  • Transport services: innovative taxi park, transport to the current assets, etc.

By investing money in projects of your choice, investors start earning after activating the project. If a specific project does not collect the necessary funding, the investment will be paid off within 48 hours.

Investors have access to two investment / crowd financing models:

  1. Classic crowd financing: investment versus collateral;
  2. Crowd Capital Funds: Investing Against Company Shares.

Why choose crowdestor?

Compared to other Internet investment platforms, is unique in that it places an emphasis not on short-term investment loans, but also on socially significant projects and helps Start-Up, Small Business and Real Estate Developers to find investors between individual by persons. describes in detail each project proposal, which refers not only to basic information about the amount of funding required, but also to company portraits, financing conditions, and links to additional documents such as binding Legislation.

In case of successful investments, clients can earn significant sums – the annual interest rate on investments is at least 15%, but the profitability of individual projects is up to 25% and 36% per annum. Compared to short-term investments, the offer is more profitable.

In all projects, participates as a co-investor in reducing investment risks. This helps to ensure the safety of investors’ funds and the transparency of transfers. In addition, the blog, which is regularly updated with helpful tips on the FIN-Tech industry and online investments, can be considered an advantage.

How to use crowdestor?

Using is also easy for beginners, but take note that it takes 48 hours from signing up to making your first investment. This time is required to verify the data of the new user and confirm the client’s registration. If you want to become a user, follow these steps:

  • Fill out the registration form on the website;
  • Confirm your email address;
  • Welcome approval from, which is usually sent to the user 48 hours after registration;
  • Funds in your investor’s account;
  • Get familiar with active financial offers and start investing.

How much you can earn and when you get money depends on the conditions for what you invest in, so be sure to check the project details before transferring money. The user profile collects all information about the investments made and the current situation.

Frequently asked Questions

Who can become a Crowdestor user? services are intended for individuals and legal entities with bank accounts in the EU and EEA countries. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to use the platform.

How much does Crowdestate cost? is completely free to use, but ROIs may be taxed and customer banks may charge money transfer fees.

Does Crowdestor provide tax assistance?

No, does not include tax advice. To avoid misunderstandings, check with your local tax professional prior to investing.

How Safe is Investing in Crowdestor?

Since offers to invest in business projects and real estate, investments are less risky compared to investments made by individuals in short-term loans. The team works with trusted companies and carefully evaluates the success of each project before posting projects on their website.

Is interest calculated from the investment day?

Investment interest is calculated from the date of activation of the project. If the project is not activated, the investment is fully repaid.

Is the interest rate flexible or fixed?

All interest rates are fixed.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The platform has a minimum investment of € 100.


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