Simple Forex Strategy is reliable – for “lazy” but gambling traders

Simple Forex Strategy is reliable - for lazy but gambling traders
Simple Forex Strategy is reliable - for lazy but gambling traders

You know, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader – everyone wants to make a lot of money quickly and a lot! And, you know, there are such ways. For example, you can use the desired trading strategy to trade.

A trading strategy for a trader is a class of certain parameters (each with its own specifics), analyzing which a trader makes entry or exit points to the financial market.

In turn, these points, or signals in other words, are often noticed on an interactive chart in real time and cause immediate trade execution. Each trading strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, here are some of the benefits:

  • Emotions are completely excluded (no human factor);
  • They can save you a lot of time (you don’t have to sit around for days and look for signals that are useful to you)
  • It’s easier to let others do it for you (and you can do other interesting things during this time).

Despite these positive benefits, nothing is perfect. Trading strategies have drawbacks – and no online Forex trading strategy is an exception. First of all, it is a matter of complexity. Trading strategies require a solid understanding of technical analysis as well as knowledge of how signals work to make decisions. Knowing all this, you can make realistic assumptions and then use the strategy effectively.

There are different trading strategies, each with a different indicator, signal or reason. So, there are strategies for trading day or night, based on price action and analyzing important economic news, simple for beginners and advanced for experienced traders. But, what we know for sure, there is no single best Forex trading strategy in the world, there is an opportunity to make changes in strategies. And this is, in fact, very important. The task of the trader is to be able and able to adjust his strategy to meet all major market changes. By developing your own trading strategy, you will not only create something unique, but if you consider the facts mentioned above, you will also do something that suits your personal trading style.

So, in the same Japanese candlestick strategies, there are many easy and complex options that depend on the location of the bars and the identified specific signals.

But the “Chariot” trading strategy, in which the value does not grow very quickly, while it can move in large leaps in the opposite direction, may not seem complicated. But, this strategy will not give a quick increase in the deposit, but a reliable strategy, on the contrary, will allow you to overclock the deposit easily and very quickly.

A reliable trading strategy is a simple and straightforward way to “accelerate” the deposit

Like other risky ones, the Wa Bank Forex strategy is not suitable for novice traders and those who do not know how to control their emotions! This is a non-standard strategy that allows you to find optimal signal solutions in the disorder of prices in the foreign exchange market and, accordingly, accelerate the deposit. It is characterized by a high level of Take Profit opportunity together with the strategy of the deposit management process, taking into account special rules (money management).

# text # is based on the principle of “spring”: if there is a sharp jump or growth, then there will definitely be a jump (or correction).

A reliable strategy requires the following features:

  • Any platform;
  • Trading period: H1 + D1 + W1;
  • Trading time: no more than once a week.

For effective use of a reliable strategy, on Friday, when the market closes, analyze the distance on the weekly candlestick for currency pairs at the time of open to close. The next step is to choose the “weakest” pair: by definition, it has the largest candlestick body size. You need to enter the market in the opposite direction from the candlestick movement last week with a take profit of 50 points and a stop loss of 100-110.

Next, we calculate the depot and the lot at the start so that the triggered stop loss takes about 80% of the deposit. So, while you are in a trade, you will not be carried away by the indicator – stop out. And then, after 2 trades, we withdraw 100% of the profit. When your profit is already 300% and doubles the deposit, you need to repeat the whole procedure. That’s the whole algorithm.

As you can see, the strategy is reliable, although it is risky, but it has a high percentage of triggering takes, which is why it is considered a non-standard and powerful weapon for “accelerating” a deposit, which is what all traders strive for.


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