– safe and reliable investment opportunities Earn up to 12% annually

Viainvest earn up to 12% annually
Viainvest earn up to 12% annually

In Latvia, many people know non-bank SMS credit, owned by an international financial company through SMS Group. Now the company provides not only credit services, but also offers to invest in short-term loans and earn with interest.

Viainvest platform users have access to a wide range of investment objects. The site is based on active loans financed through SMS Group from different countries: Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic. Viainvest platform is available not only for existing customers via SMS, but also for anyone interested in online investments – or would you like to join?

What services does Viainvest offer?

Viainvest offers to invest in three consumer credit routes:

  1. Short-term loan;
  2. consumption
  3. Сredītlīnizhā.

Viainvest loans are placed on the first investment market. This means that the purchase of credit shares by investors can be carried out directly from lenders – non-bank lenders who enter through SMS Group. When you choose the viainvest platform, you do not have to wait to see if a particular investment object will receive the necessary financing and will be activated – all loans have already been financed, therefore, investment in a loan is essentially a buyback of loans from suppliers, and not Independent financing of unfamiliar borrowers.

Why Choose ViaInvest?

With the help of SMS, the Group has extensive experience in the field of Internet investments as well as consumer lending. The companies of the group operate not only in Latvia, but also in other countries, which makes it possible for investors to have a number of loans. On the viainvest platform, loans can be selected according to several parameters, for example:

  • Supplier
  • Loan type;
  • Interest rate;
  • The total loan amount and maturity;
  • The amount that can be repaid from the original supplier.

Thanks to a wide range of loans, ViaInvest users can diversify their investment portfolio and hedge against possible risks. Investments can be split between different loans by investing in several loans at the same time.

For those investors who have significant investments in simplicity and efficiency, ViaInvest offers a special service – Auto Invest, in other words, automated investments. The Auto Invest service selects loans that meet the user’s installation criteria and automatically invests money in all derīgajos loans. All investments made can be monitored using a user profile, so investing with viainvest is 100 percent transparent.

All viainvest clients receive a loan repurchase guarantee, which takes effect within 30 days after the loan expires. Not only the investment itself is returned, but also the interest earned. Thanks to Viainvest and SMS working together, Nodrošinātāki investors are more comfortable with investment conditions and a safer investment environment.

How to use Viainvest?

Viainvest’s platform relies on consumer lending through SMS Group. Investments and loan financing are related to each other:

  • Borrowers apply for loans via SMS and websites of other group members;
  • CreditSpecialistsi evaluates the application through SMS Group and makes a decision on granting a loan;
  • If a decision is made to grant a loan through the SMS group, the company will transfer the full loan amount or activate a credit line account and place an active loan on the viainvest platform;
  • This platform will become available to investors;
  • Investors choose active loans, choose and invest in money.
  • Investors return the investment in full and earn interest after the loan is repaid or repurchased.

All activities on the viainvest platform take place on the Internet, so you can choose loans and invest in yourself in your free time anywhere where a stable and secure Internet connection is available.

Frequently asked Questions

Who can become a VIAINVEST user?

VIAINVEST services are provided to persons over the age of 18 and legal entities. All clients of the platform must have a bank account with one of the banks registered in the EU.

What are the investment limits?

To start investing in loans on the VIAINVEST platform, you must invest at least 10 euros.

Is it possible to delete earned funds without restrictions?

Yes, if the investment has expired and the investment is no longer active. The money earned can be withdrawn or invested further. Payouts are available to users who have proven their identity and have uploaded a copy of their ID or passport to their user profile.

Can I cancel my investment?

The VIAINVEST platform can cancel Auto Invest investments, but cannot stop manual investments. If you invest yourself, you can get the money back after the loan is repaid or repaid.

How to minimize investment risks?

The more diversified the investment portfolio, the lower the risks. On the VIAINVEST platform, you can invest in a variety of loans with different maturities and interest rates.

How do you pay investment taxes?

The VIAINVEST platform offers two taxation options – through the platform and independently. For users who wish to pay taxes on their investments, they must upload a tax resident certificate to their user profile, which can be obtained by residents of Latvia from the State Revenue Service.


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